Slide iphysio
Profile Designer iPhysio®

Replaces healing abutments, transfers, analogs and temporary abutments. The iPhysio® anatomical device simplifies implant treatment, saves time and optimises the aesthetic result. Compatible with all implant brands.

Slide iphysio
Profile Designer iPhysio®

Replaces healing abutments, transfers, analogs and temporary abutments. The iPhysio® anatomical device simplifies implant treatment, saves time and optimises the aesthetic result. Compatible with all implant brands.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Léonard da Vinci

3 in 1 solution without removal of the iphysio®

  • Always one step ahead
    Iphysio® is now available on tissue level implants to ensure consistency and ease of use regardless of the type of implant used
Download the leafletThe Profile Designer is for single use!

iphysio® helps to achieve the healing, impression and the temporary prosthesis

  • Anatomical healing: find again the true non-circular emergence profile of natural teeth.
  • Conventional or digital impression: take the impression directly on iphysio® without removing it.
  • Temporary: create the temporary directly on iphysio® thanks to dedicated temporary abutment without removing it.

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Preservation of the biological space

The iphysio® Profile Designer is screwed into the implant during the 1st or the 2nd surgical intervention. It remains in place throughout the bone and gingival healing process as well as during the taking of an impression irrespective of the implant sector, whether aesthetic or not. It is only removed once to place and finally screw in the final restoration.

Image module
Image module

A true profile of anatomical emergence

The diameter of an implant does not correspond to the anatomical cross section of the replaced tooth. The iphysio® Profile Designer offers you a true profile of anatomical emergence guaranteeing sufficient thickness of the soft tissue. It will therefore allow for the transition of a round implant section to the actual emergence of the real tooth. We have studied fifty scanners of various patients to measure the proximal and vestibulo-lingual (or palatine) dimensions of tissue level emergences of roots and teeth.

To go further, discover an SSA on iphysio

Differents shapes and heights

On a Bone Level implant, the iphysio® Profile Designer allows the future prosthetic emergence profile to be shaped during the healing phase while waiting for the gingival height to stabilise. It is advisable to have defined the depth of burial of the prosthetic joint and the desired flare beforehand in order to select the most appropriate Profile Designer. On a Tissue Level implant, the iphysio Profile Designer will allow you to have a homogeneous digital protocol for both the impression and the CAD-CAM prosthesis.

Profile Designer for Bone level implant

Anatomical shapes based on the restoration area

The result is the proposal of several anatomical shapes which give you the best aesthetic results by:
• the sculpting of a true non-circular anatomical profile ;
• best compressions, preparations and gingival papillae guides in the inter-dental spaces

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Profile Designer for implant tissue level

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Differents heights available

4 differents heights available with coloured screw for identification of the Profile Designer height.

Anatomical shapes based on the restoration area

We offer several anatomical shapes to ensure that, where necessary, an anatomical emergence profile is sculpted beyond the implant neck.

The use of an iphysio Profile Designer on Tissue Level implants guarantees a smooth and homogeneous protocol whatever the type of implant used.

Image module
Image module

A single height

A unique supra-implant height. This height is easily identifiable by the grey colour of the iphysio Profile Designers’ fixation screw.

Features and benefits

Respect for the biological factors

• Reduction of number of soft tissue interventions: preservation of the mucosa attachment and the biological width, reduction in peri-implantitis risks
• Papilla guiding
• No risk of contamination of the implant site during removal of the parts for the taking of the impression and the insertion of the temporary prosthesis

Image module
Image module

Simplification and rationalisation of the protocol

• Only 1 part required to do it all: healing, impression and temporary
• Homothety of the profiles between the iphysio® Profil Designers and the Esthetibase titanium interfaces

Progress in the dental practice

• Time saving
• Fewer components to manage (in the case of a digital impression)
• Ideal for referrals owing to simplification of the parts management: no purchase of impression copings and analogs, less handling, a simplified protocol

Image module
Image module

Improvement in the patient experience

• Comfort in taking the impression (no pain owing to the change of component)
• Time saving
• Reduction in the number of sessions
• Aesthetic result

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